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Vision and Values


"We are a Community of Believers that Exist to Worship, Serve, and Share Jesus Christ with All Peoples."


Our values are based on the teaching and life of Jesus Christ and reflect our United Methodist heritage. Using Jesus Christ as our role model, we humbly try to reflect the following:


The Bible guides us in our understanding of God and his work in our lives.


"We are committed to meeting the needs of others locally, nationally and throughout the world.


We strive for excellence and quality which honor God and inspire people in all that we do.


We strive to make disciples of all for the transformation of the world.


We are all called to be good stewards of all that God has given to us. This includes returning a portion of our time, talents, gifts and services to the praise and glory of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


No matter where you are on your life's journey, you are welcome here!


We strive to offer a variety of worship experiences and educational opportunities that will help connect people with God.

Sardis Methodist Church - 1960 to 1967

Sardis Methodist Church - 1960 to 1967


Holiday Park Evangelical United Brethren - 1961 to 1967

Holiday Park Evangelical United Brethren Church - 1961 to 1967

The Sardis Methodist Church and the Holiday Park Evangelical United Brethren Church united on Worldwide Communion Sunday, October 1, 1967 with a joint service at the Holiday Park Church. This church was now officially called the Holiday Park United Methodist Church. The beginning years were a challenge to the pastors, the congregation and the lay members of the church. New governing bodies of the church from the 'Board' to the appointing of new committees to handle the 'business' and ministry of the church had to be developed and organized. The all-important educationalcurriculum to be used throughout all aspects of the 'new' church required much research and implementation. That same process is in effect today. The dedication and foresight of the entire congregation must be recognized for this outstanding achievement.... two churches in union with Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Holiday Park United Methodist Church - 1967 to Present

Holiday Parked Methodist Church - 1967 to Present

How do I become a member of the Holiday Park United Methodist Church?

There are opportunities each year to become a member of our congregation during one of our worship services.

Baptism and membership
You can become a member of the body of Christ, the church, by being baptized into it or by reaffirming your baptism. Baptism is a ritual made up of questions and promises, prayer, and washing. In this church the washing is accomplished by sprinkling. Youth and adults go through a time of preparation and instruction before they are baptized. In the case of infants and children, the parents receive instruction. In this way they are helped to know God, the meaning of being "members of the body," and what it is they are committing themselves to.

What happens at baptism?
Baptism initiates a covenant of relationship between God and the baptized person and between the church and the person. When you are baptized or affirm your baptism, the congregation enacts God's grace toward you and welcomes you into the community of faith. As a response to God's gracious initiative, you will be asked to pledge your loyalty to the life and ministries of The United Methodist Church and to promise to uphold the local church with your prayers, presence, gifts and service. As a baptized Christian, you will be part of the universal church and part of a particular community of Christians where you are known and watched over in love.

Other pathways to membership
Since all that seek to be members come with different experiences and backgrounds, there are a number of pathways to follow in becoming a member of The United Methodist Church. If you have never been baptized and you desire to be a Christian with United Methodist Christians, you will prepare for baptism.

If you were baptized as an infant or young child and have not made a profession of faith and been confirmed, then you will prepare to reaffirm your baptismal covenant.

If you are a member of another part of the church (such as Baptist, Presbyterian or Lutheran), then you will want to prepare to transfer your membership from that church to a local United Methodist Church.

If you are a member of another Christian church that does not transfer membership, you will want to prepare to make a profession of faith and be received as a member.

If you are uncertain about the pathway that is best for you please call and talk with Pastor Tony Fallisi about the journey of becoming a Christian and a member of The Holiday Park United Methodist Church. Pastor Fallisi will be able to answer your questions and help you discern what next steps you want to take.

If you are currently a member in another United Methodist Church but do not wish to transfer your membership from that church, you may become an Affiliate Member of our congregation.

If you are currently a member of another denomination that is not United Methodist and wish to retain your "home" church membership, you may become an Associate Member of our congregation


Holiday Park United Methodist Church
81 Sandune Drive
Plum Borough

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Telephone 724-327-6552

Information Rev. Tony Fallisi, Pastor

Ed McGinn, Executive Minister

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Worship Schedule

Sunday Morning Schedule

8:30 am & 10:00 a.m. – Worship Service
10:00 a.m. – Sunday School
2 Years old through 8th Grade, Sr. High Students Attend Worship Service

A Time for Fellowship

Son's light Café Coffee & Fellowship in Wesley Hall (Gymnasium)

Each Sunday morning at 9:30 am – 11:00 am

Fellowship with old and new friends.

Covenant (Adult) Choir

Thursdays at 7:45 pm (Contact Beth Kerschner – (724-733-3641)

Love to sing? Then join our choir! No music reading skills required. Just come and praise the Lord with song.

Praise Team

Call for rehearsal times (Beth Kerschner – (724-733-3641)

Got a guitar, banjo, or harmonica you haven't played in a while? Come join us as we celebrate the gift of music and joy of singing together. All skill levels welcome.

Worship Participants

Please consider serving in the life of our church. Volunteer positions available: Greeters, Ushers, Sunday School Volunteers, Nursery, Son's Light Cafe Contact the Church Office (724-327-6552) if you have questions or an interest in serving.


Nursery Care – Fall/Winter/Spring Schedule

Our Nursery during our Fall/Winter/Spring Schedule, for children younger than two years of age, is currently available from
September through May, at 9:30 AM.

Nursery Care – Summer Schedule

The Nursery during our Summer Schedule for children two years of age and younger is current available from
June through August, at 10:00 AM.

Title Scripture Speaker Date Time Play Sermon
What Can We Do? Luke 4:16-22 Rev. Keith Kaufold 01-16-11 00:25:30
Right Place/Right Time Matthew 4:12-23 Rev. Joel Garrett 01-23-11 00:27:35
10/13/2013 Message Luke 17:11-19 Pastor Tony Fallisi 10-13-13 00:27:22

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Imagine No More Malaria


The "Imagine No More Malaria" fundraising effort was launched in 2011 to support the United Methodist Church campaign to eliminate malaria deaths in sub-Saharan Africa by 2015. The United Methodist Church has pledged 75 Million Dollars to this effort. The Western Pennsylvania Conference, which the Holiday Park United Methodist Church belongs to, has pledged 3 Million Dollars and the Holiday Park United Methodist Church has pledged $30,000.00 over the next three years. We want to support our Bishop, Thomas Bickerton, in this effort to raise awareness and to give generously.

The Holiday Park United Methodist Church is hoping to reach its goal of $30,000 through individual and family donations. Individual or family donations of $28.00 per month over those three years would impact 100 lives in Africa.


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Safe Sanctuaries Policy Overview

The Holiday Park United Methodist Church provides a secure and safe environment where families may worship, attend bible studies, participate in Sunday School activities and engage in fellowship with friends and other members of our community. We maintain a "Safe Sanctuaries" policy that protects all who enter our doors.

1. Screening children and youth workers: All church staff; employees, clergy, laity or volunteers; are required to complete a criminal background check and receive a child abuse clearance. This list is maintained and updated each year.

2. Two-Adult-Rule: Church sponsored gatherings, classes, programs and activities involving children and youth require two or more unrelated adults in attendance.

3. Five-Years-Older Rule: Employees, clergy, laity or volunteers must be at least five years older than the children and youth entrusted to their care.

4. Youth Volunteers: Volunteers under the age of eighteen can assist adults in church related classes and activities, however, can not be in a position of leadership.

5. Windows/Classrooms: Any room that is used as a classroom for children or youth will have a window positioned (assisted by a mirror if necessary) so that the entire classroom is visible.

6. Six Month Rule: Adult volunteers for children and youth ministries must be members of the Holiday Park United Methodist Church for at least six months before engaging in those activities.

• Our Safe Sanctuaries policies are based on the book, "Safe Sanctuaries – Reducing the Risk of Abuse in the Church for Children and Youth", written by Joy Thornburg Mellon published by Discipleship Resources.

Click Here for the Complete Policy


If you have youth skills to share please contact
Ed McGinn at


Note: We are looking for people ages 16 through Adult
and you may be required to have Act 33/34 clearance.

  • Holiday Park United Methodist Church in Ministry

No Membership Required

"If you do not have a home church, you have one now"
- E. McGinn

  • Our Church Staff

Pastor Tony Fallisi


Senior Pastor

Ed McGinn


Executive Minister

Greg Drayer


Youth Director

Dee Long


Church Secretary

Beth Kerschner


Music Director

Holly Cook


Pre-School Director

Nicole Drayer


Co-Children's Ministries Coordinator

Luci McGough


Co-Children's Ministries Coordinator

Deanna Laraway



Dan Dausch



Robert Devey